Indian Man jailed for cheating H-1b holders

Man jailed cheating H-1b

The U.S. court had jailed an Indian man, who was in federal custody after he pleaded guilty for cheating numerous H1-B visa holders. According to reports, the 58-year old George Mariadas Kurusu has been taken into custody for deceiving Indian youngsters in the name of offering H1-B visas and jobs in U.S.

George, who’s a former teacher at Fort Stockton Independent School District (FSISD), used to charge around $50,000 per individual’s ‘visa package and he further charged 15% from their monthly salaries. All these activities were performed by the corporation established by him in 2012- Samaritan Educational Services (Samaritan).

The matter drove out only when some of the H1-B holders and victims raised to question George over his ill-scheme. With a sense to calm down their arguments and voices, the Indian-born teacher warned them of losing visas and jobs and he moreover alarmed they would be deported back home if they approach FSISD.

Finally, this wire-fraud scheme has got the light in May and he was taken into custody and after inquiry, George admitted and confessed to defrauding charges. Earlier this week, the U.S. District Judge Louis Guirola delivered 11 months of a jail sentence and ordered the defrauder pay USD 53,004.51. The U.S. sleuths also seized his company FSISD for violating the U.S. laws and cheating people from India.

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